L'artiste du mois dans notre galerie

Liana Yaroslavsky

Décorateur d'intérieur

I was born splashed in champagne on a snowy January 1st in Leningrad. My childhood is enveloped in fur and Peter the Great's city seems splendid. I remember evenings at the Kirov Ballet, Sundays in the countryside at our dacha à la Turgenev, intelligentsia gathering at my mother's apartment, my grandfather at the piano; my grandmother's watercolors and long walks with my father, an art book editor.

I am 20 years old in an apartment in Greenwich Village. New York: intense, magical, a beehive of artists from all over the world. Parsons School of Design: I learn sculpting, painting and then graphic design. I join the largest graphic arts studio in New York, Paul Davis Studio, marry a wonderful Frenchman who brings me to Paris, the most beautiful city in the world (after Venice!).

Paris. I become the artistic director of a graphic design agency, Intégral Concept Ruedi Bauer. I work for the Grand Palais, Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the Ministère de Culture, the Luxembourg Museum, the Athénée Theater... then create my own studio.

I move onto interior design and architecture. I decorate the walls of houses with Ready-made and mixed media (photos+sketches+objects+textures). I recycle treasures from the flea market and give them unexpected, grander functions. Old bodices and corsets are draped on walls, fireplaces are transformed and 18th Century busts of Madame Bovary are now bedside lamps.

Something is about to happen. I buy 19th Century watercolors at Drouot and fall in love with a Murano chandelier. One day, I decide to change my coffee table. I turn the chandelier upside down, spread its branches on a bed of watercolors and insert the whole thing in a plexiglass cube. This is my first creation. And the need to create grows within me, bores through me. It is overwhelming, but this is what I have always dreamed. The chemistry of creation; the random compositions; a marriage of materials and styles... to ultimately, hopefully be rewarded with Art.

Art? 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. Day after day, I am confronted with calculating measurements, finding the right screw, electrical wiring (the mystery of watts and volts!), a million and one modifications. The end result is a collection of tables, sophisticated mix of Versailles and Rock and Roll.

Childhood. From country to country. Nomadic in my eyes and spirit, but anchored by my heart. «Changing place, changing time, changing thoughts, changing future» (Maurizio Nannucci, Peggy Guggenheim museum, Grand Canal, Venice).